By: Nicole Mauriello

“God made man, and then said ‘I can do better than that.'” -Adele Rogers St. John

I agree with this quote since I am a woman. This quote to me means, when God made Adam, a man, he thought he could do better. Therefore, he created eve, a woman. I take this quote personally since being in the Army a lot of people said I could not make it through training since I was a woman. I knew I had to prove them wrong and I sure did. This world is sadly male dominant for the most part. I guarantee if you walk into a room with ten males and ten females, at least one male will tell you that the females are not capable of doing the same as the males. I will be honest here and say I have thought that same thing until the day I joined the military. After going through training I realized that all of my battle buddies who earned awards at graduation were female because they were capable of doing more than the males. In conclusion, even God had faith that women were better than men, therefore, we deserve a lot more credit than we get.

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“Love isn’t finding a perfect person. It’s seeing an imperfect person perfectly.” -Sam Keen

I could not agree more with this quote here that it warmed my heart reading. I could not tell you how many times I have gotten my heart broken from being with a person who only is looking for perfection. I will admit that I am extremely far from perfect but I thank God for that since I can learn from my imperfections. As Hannah Montana says it best, ‘nobody’s perfect’. I truly believe every person has a soulmate somewhere in this crazy world and that soulmate will find all of their imperfections to be perfect. This quote is also very special to me since every time I would of come home crying because someone was mean to me, my dad would always be their to sit in my room and tell me this very same quote.

“Don’t go backwards; you have already been there.” -Ray Charles

I am very happy that I ran across this quote since it is very motivational for me currently. I am having trouble knowing what I would like to major in. I have tried business and biology so far but I think law in my path way. The only problem is, I still think about business because I believe it is where the money is. I also remember being bored and feeling like I am just following in my parents footsteps by choosing business. Therefore, after reading this quote I feeling like my issue is I keep looking back when there are so many more options ahead of me to explore. This quote also really helped me understand what my professor tries to tell us in class each week, this class really will change the way you think and feel about certain topics in life just by reflecting on them in these blogs.

Janaro, R. P., & Altshuler, T. C. (2009). The art of being human: The humanities as a technique for living. New York, NY: Pearson Custom Publishing.

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